How we work

The importance of a healthy company culture cannot be overstated. Like with any culture, to understand the inner workings, you need to get involved to learn what makes it tick. As such, we preferrably get onboard to work with your people to find out what defines your company culture.

A familiar face

Upon initiation, a VIE expert will be appointed to join your company like a new collegue would. This means your team won't be seeing different VIE faces each week.


We believe it's crucial that your employees become familiar and comfortable with 'the HR person', leading to openness and honesty in their feedback. Your VIE expert is backed up by VIE's entire team, each with their own focus domain, together covering the entire employee journey.

We’ve helped over 100 companies build great company cultures. Here’s what working with us typically looks like.

1. Discovery

Breaking the ice over coffee. During our first meetup, we want to find out about your specific HR challenges and discuss if we’re a potential fit. This includes:

  • Discuss expectations of HR
  • Get a bird’s eye overview of current HR state
  • Determine HR focus points & biggest challenges
  • Make a fitting offer

2. HR Kickoff

In Kickoff week, we aim to get a deeper understanding of the current state of HR in your company. This phase is crucial, as cause & effect in HR are not always clearly related. In this week we will:

  • Have sessions with your teams to assess current state of HR
  • Report & discuss findings
  • Create a battle plan
  • Determine the amount of VIE you need for execution

3. Execution

Informed by conclusions from the HR Kickoff, your VIE expert will start working on the prioritized list on the battle plan. Progress is evaluated frequently. In this phase, we will:

  • Execute on the battle plan
  • Refine battle plan every 3 months
  • Measure outcomes to inform new decisions
  • Change pace based on battle plan & company requirements

Let’s chat about your HR challenges.


“We've doubled our employee count the past year. Due to VIE we can completely focus on finding the right people and we don't have to think about things we do not understand. Just give 'VIE' a call."

“My 30th employee was a 'VIE expert'. According to me, could have been the 15th!"

“What I admire about VIE is the personal and engaged approach, precisely fitting with the phase of the organisation. Sounds easy, but it's not! Treat yourself and your organisation to VIE!"

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