What you require from HR evolves as your company scales.

Growing companies face a wide spectrum of HR challenges.

VIE helps you tackle them with speed & efficiency through adaptive HR.

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The HR road for Scaling Up.

For scaling companies, every stage of growth brings new challenges and different focus areas. Tackling the right challenge at the right time is crucial. Hiring a single HR employee usually doesn’t cut it and hiring an entire team is costly. Flexibility in skills and experience in this fast growing journey helps to save money, diminishes frustration and helps to enjoy the ride.

The emphasis of the HR focus per stage

  • Number of FTE
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Organization & Teams
  • Personal Growth
  • Perform & Productivity
  • HR Operations
  • Stage A
  • Stage B
  • Stage C
  • Stage D 150

Stage A 10 to 25 FTE

  • Onboarding doesn’t happen on its own anymore.
  • Culture fit of new employees is key.
  • Figure out: Is the product truly scalable?.
Focus on
  • Creating clear expectations for new employees (onboarding).
  • Build a team around your core values.
  • Set up a future proof hiring structure.

Stage B - 25 to 60 FTE

  • Employees are changing focus and expectations.
  • Changing requirements for leadership.
  • Sharing & transferring knowledge internally.
Focus on
  • Reinforce the culture, growth mindset and organisational structure.
  • Clear strategy, values and BHAG are essential.
  • Basic HR processes (benefits, renumeration & performance) in place.

Stage C - 60 to 100 FTE

  • Non performing early employees and leaders.
  • Employees expect growth opportunities.
  • A bumpy employee experience becomes costly.
Focus on
  • Well designed internal development path.
  • A smoothly designed and working employee journey.
  • HR procedures and policies, clear, non negotiable.

Stage D - 100 to 150 FTE

  • Internationalisation issues.
  • Current leadership can’t cope with the strategic request.
  • Founders are still too essential for the organisation.
Focus on
  • International business strategy and execution (paying clients).
  • Organisational scale up model in place.
  • Check quality and new needed competencies.

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Your internal HR partner that adapts as you grow

We combine vision and strategy with pragmatism and operational excellence. Great company cultures are built from within. As such, our team members will join the team at your office on a regular basis.

A flexible, purpose-built HR team

VIE's team is built around domain specialization and the ability to execute. Team members all have their own focus domain, together covering the entire Employee Journey.

Your VIE expert has the combined knowledge of the whole team. Day to day this is converted into simple, actionable plans that fit your company's current stage.

A results-driven approach

Too often, HR decisions are predominantly based on gut feeling. While important, VIE helps you augment the subjective with the objective by making your HR goals measurable.

Your HR roadmap is backed by key people analytics that are reviewed regularly to inform future decision-making.

Love for HR tech

Everyday, new HR tools are introduced that improve the employee experience and the people hiring them. Deciding what works best for your company is overwhelming due to the sheer number of tools available. And the right implementation makes the difference between helping you achieve your goals or missing them.

VIE has extensive experience with many of them. We know what works, can help you choose and, if needed, can help you get going.

We help build thriving company cultures to create inspiring & productive places to work.

Transparent pricing based on how fast you want to accelerate

Together, we determine the required pace to meet your HR Goals. You can always up- or downgrade.


Great for start ups and companies with an well-established HR department.


p. month


Our standard offering for companies mainly in stage A.


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Great for companies who want to get things done, and done quickly.


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Ideal for companies with pressing HR challenges and/or growing over 50% a year.


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HR Kickoff

To determine the current state of HR in your company and setting challenging priorities.


once, initial

Day-to-Day HR

We are your HR department.
Executing on daily HR activities.


p. employee p. month

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